100 Submersible Encoders

100 Submersible Encoders
100 Submersible Encoders
Product Description

Series SUBXWD incremental 1000m (1km) submersible solid shaft encoder

Stainless Steel SUBSWD (72mm Ø) shown



Zone 0, Class 1 Div 1

















Encoder Size  | | 
*M = 46mm Ø  | | 
S = 72mm Ø  | | 

L = 90mm Ø

  | | 
Connection  -------------    | 
*2 = 5m direct cable   | 
*3 = 10m direct cable     
*5 = 20m direct cable   | 
M = MacArtney 8 pin  


MCBH8MSS Connector  T = Radial Stainless Steel
Connector Data Sheet C = Axial Stainless Steel
Cable Data Sheet  
For cable attached to female mating connector, specify the length of cable to be attached to the mating connector side on a separate line on the PO *Miniature is NOT
 certified intrinsically safe and
 8...24V and axial only
 *Direct cable is only suitable
 for 25m depth

Technical DataConnection Options
Operating temp:- 20 ...+   60 degrees CMacArtney 8 pinDirect Cable
-   4 ...+ 140 degrees FPS GND1Black
Max frequency:150 kHzPS 5 ... 24 V2Red
Weight:1 Kg to 6KgOutput A3White
Protection:IP 68MOutput B4Blue
Housing:St. SteelOutput O5Green
Shaft:Stainless SteelOutput A inv6Brown
Bearings:2 x 6807 ZZOutput B inv7Orange
Torque:0.8 oz/in (6 N-cm)Output O inv8Yellow
Shaft load:Supports its own weight
Speed: 600 RPM 
Max. ppr5000



Output (large and small)

Output (mini)

Diagram is shown with clockwise shaft rotation viewed from shaft end.


Diagram is shown with clockwise shaft rotation viewed from back end (opposite of large and small)

To use the encoder in a hazardous area, a safety barrier or galvanic isolator has to be used.  Our six channel barrier and isolator work with our encoders.  Isolator Data Sheet
IP68M 1000m [Certificate]
ATEX  [Certificate]
IECEx  [Certificate]
CSA [Certificate]
GOST-CU [Certificate]
Mounting Instructions
Hook up the encoder with the connections as described.  Make sure power supply meets specifications.  Attach encoder to mounting bracket as shown.  Attach shaft using a flexible coupling.

Dimensions of the 90 mm diameter version (Large)

Dimensions of the 72 mm diameter version (Small)

Dimensions of the 46 mm diameter version (Miniature)

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