Product Description

Series M (INC-00X) Inclinometer (Ex d)










Inclination Angle



|0060 = +/-60 degrees
||36 = Inclinometer|other inclination angles
 | | | 

available, please ask

|Shaft Size|Exit
|K0 = No Shaft|A = Axial
| |R = Radial


E = IP66/67 Stainless SteelConnection
1 = 2m cable
3 = 10m cable
  5 = 20m cable



Zone 1, Class 2 Div 1

Technical DataConnection Options
Operating temp:- 20 ...+   60 degrees CCable
-   4 ...+ 140 degrees FPS GNDBlack
Max frequency:150 kHzPS 5 ... 24 VRed
Current consumption:80 mA (max.)Output Axis XWhite
Power supply:5...24VOutput Axis YBlue
Weight:2.5KgZero TeachYellow
Protection:IP 66/67
Housing:S. SteelOutput
Humidity:Up to 98% permissibleAxis X- 60o = 4mA and +60o = 20mA
Shock:10g (6msec)Axis Y- 60o = 4mA and +60o = 20mA
Vibration:5g (500 Hz)

Does not require a barrier for use in hazardous areas, it is Flameproof, making the barrier redundant.
IP 66/X7
Ex d IIC
ATEX [Certificate]
IECEx [Certificate]
CSA [Certificate]
GOST-CU [Certificate]

Mounting Instructions

Hook up the inclinometer with the connections as described.  Make sure power supply meets specifications.  Attach unit to machine or device and use the arrows indicating inclination as reference as to which axis the measurements take place.


Orientation of axis as standard is as follows:

X axis is 'AXIAL' and Y axis is 'RADIAL'




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